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Business to Business(B2B)

Business to business (b2b) research is inescapably more complicated than consumer research. Mavericks is a market research company providing customized business to business research both nationally and globally. Our services include market entry studies and market assessment, product development studies, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction research and pricing strategy. Finding the right respondents is essential in Business to Business research. Motivating them to open up is yet another ability required of the B2B researcher. We have the experience and expertise on staff to assure our clients get b2b market research that fits their specific needs. Getting products or services to the right markets requires precise and pertinent information. Careful market research reduces uncertainty involved in marketing, reduces waste, and streamlines decision-making. Our services include sophisticated analytics for quantitative studies and insightful planned analysis for qualitative research. Techniques include online surveys, focus group discussions, the voice of the customers, customer satisfaction and loyalty, quantitative analytics, and intensive secondary research. 

There are certain key factors that make Business to Business special market research and different to consumer markets:

  • B2B products and their applications are more complex than consumer products
  • Marketers address a much smaller number of customers who are very high on their consumption of products than is the case in consumer markets
  • The decision making unit is far more complex in Business-to-business markets than in consumer markets
  • Business-to-business (B2B) buyers are more likely to be long-term buyers

Mavericks believe that the market research provides an insight to the business leaders to fully understand their industry, facilitate business development strategy, highlight company performance, and nurture industry growth. Our wide network of industry experts and professional trade associations maximizes accuracy within studies and promotes interaction with target audiences. We provides strategic market research and competitive intelligence services focused primarily on business-to-business and industrial markets.

Why Ragyain Can Assist its Clients with its highly qualified Researchers

At Mavericks, our exclusive B2B researchers ensure precise targeting and produce high quality data. The sections below outline our specific industry experience, as well as a selection of clients we have worked with recently:

Information Technology (IT)
Information Technology Enabled Services(ITES)
Food, Beverage & Tobacco
Consumer Durables
Household & Personal Products
Healthcare Equipment & Services
Real Estate
Capital Goods
Utilities- Water, Power, Solar, Wind Energy etc.

Mavericks Is Your Business to Business Marketing Research Partner 
Every single penny counts, particularly in current competitive world of business and volatile economic times. We help you to identify new opportunities by using market research to gather data, creating a marketing plan and  make considerate decisions.