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Chemicals Market Research

Chemicals are crucial to society, and as a result chemical industry is one of the largest manufacturing industry in all the developed countries. In the UK it is the predominant exporter of any manufacturing industry. The industry plays a significant role in the overall economic development of a country. The chemical industry is one of the most varied and oldest sector in India and we provide complete chemical market research reports to various chemical industries. Although India ranks twelfth in the world and third in Asia for the manufacturing of chemicals by volume yet the per capita consumption of the product is nearly one tenth of the world average. In the last fifteen years, the Indian chemical industry has transformed from being just a basic chemical producer to producer of innovative products. 

Our Experience in Chemical Market:
Mavericks has carried out an extensive chemical market research on natural and synthetic chemicals produced by various industries. Our experience covers Soaps, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Resins, Organic base chemicals, Adhesives, Dyes and Pigments, Paints and varnishes, detergents, inorganic base chemicals, pesticides and other agrochemicals, fertilizers, industrial gases, essential oils, synthetic rubber and glues.
We advise chemical companies on how to address both strategic and tactical marketing issues, including the challenge of protecting volumes and increasing operating margins.

Our Chemical Market Resources Includes:

  • Chemical Marketing strategy
  • Implementation support for CMR and plan
  • Chemical Market Research in India and Global Market
  • Marketing Audit of Chemical marketing strategy & plan
  • Branding of Chemical Products

We have successfully completed numerous chemical marketing research and consulting assignments which have provided us insight into chemical market and how to help clients in each phase of their operations.