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Customer Satisfaction (CSat) Suveys

The main object of marketing is to attain, preserve and fulfill customers’ needs or desires. Mavericks understands the requirements of the customers and seeks to satisfy all of those desires/ needs/ requiremenents. At present, the consumer is in charge of the marketplace. The quality of a product or service is gauged by the Customer Satisfaction Levels from the currently available quality of customer services.

  • Quality is a combination of two things:
    • Product/ Service Quality
    • Customer Satisfaction (CSat) levels from the current available product or service quality

The combination of product quality and customer satisfaction together form the total gist of quality. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate confirmation of quality. Satisfaction with the overall quality of the product and its specific dimensions is usually obtained through various methods of customer surveys. 
The specific aspect of customer satisfaction by Mavericks includes the following. tenets/ features:

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Installability
  • Maintainability
  • Capability
  • Information

Mavericks’s specialized experts monitor and measure the overall customer satisfaction over time by visiting the customer's place of business in an effective way to gather information. Our experts execute analysis on the quality traits of the markets and their strengths, weaknesses, prioritization and other relevant issues. After each appointment, customers are given the opportunity to provide their feedback. The interviewers collect an instant feedback of customer satisfaction surveys involving a combination ofFace-to-Face (F2F/ FTF) interview, In-depth interview (IDI) and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) research methods.

We can help the clients in achieving the following end-objectives:

  • Recognize unmet needs of the clients by identifying the Customer Satisfaction (CSat) levels on the products/ services
  • Improve customer relationship managing, constancy and retention for short-term and long-term period

Nowadays, we can see that there are several companies which conduct CSat interviews/ surveys for their products/ services at regular intervals so that they are able to keep a close track on the movement of customers’ likes and preferences etc.

The major advantage is that Mavericks offers multi-mode data collection with specific information about customer satisfaction. This provides our clients excellent tool for understanding customers’ mindset and we have been quie successful in predicting future trends in various industries and sectors.