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Energy and Environment

Energy and Enviroment is most vital requirement for the mankind for its sustainable survivial and development. An unexpectedly high rise in population and growth in economic activities has led to increase in energy consumption and severe environmental degradation. The energy calamities and environmental deterioration have been more pronounced in India compared to other developing countries. The world has realized the severe outcomes of energy and environmental imbalance. Efforts are now being made in India as well as across the globe, to put some control on increasing population, develop cleaner and alternate energy solutions, lessen environmental risk and attain balanced and sustainable growth.

In India, both private as well as public sectors are now adopting modern and innovative techniques to lower their energy consumption. The government of India is mobilizing resources and taking up several initiatives on ‘Energy and Environment’.

Our Experience in Energy and Enviroment

Mavericks helps energy equipment manufacturers, power generation companies, power transmission companies, power distribution companies, energy R&D companies etc. to develop effective & result oriented marketing strategies, researching new market opportunities and new market entry strategy. We also work to serve renewable energy equipment manufacturers and power distribution companies with our core expertise in market feasibility, market sizing, market research, market strategy, & international marketing.

Mavericks services include:

  • Energy and Environment Market feasibility
  • Market sizing
  • Energy Equipment Marketing strategy
  • Implementation support for Marketing research and plan
  • Marketing Audit of Energy & Power Marketing approach & Plan
  • International Marketing of Energy Equipments
  • Energy Market Research in India and other global markets

Our expert team has wide experience with leading companies within energy sectors, who not only develop the solutions but help the client in implementing it and monitor results to deliver committed results.