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From the humble beginnings of radio in the eighteenth century to the dawn of the internet, resulting in many new communication channels, including TV and cinema, the world of the media industry has never been as diverse as it is today. The significant factor to be specified in the media sector is the existence of print media and TV even though they are more expensive for the advertised purpose as compared to digital media. The digital media is considered to be more experimental and uncertain. The battle of media has been aggravated in recent past with the development of new digital technologies and the adherence of a larger population to the older ones such as print and TV.

Our Experience

Mavericks provides a wide range of services to help Media & Entertainment companies. Our team of Media research specialists has the industry experience and knowledge to understand the complicated issues and offer the complete understanding of how consumers get information, consume media and buy goods and services.
Whether you are looking for insights into television, radio, print, direct mail, interactive or cross-media research, the team at Mavericks can help you with its media-focused specialists.

We offer the following speacialsied services in market research

  • Study to assess advertisement effectiveness in digital media
  • Consumer research study on radio channels
  • Study on Indian entertainment and media industry
  • Segmentation study on media and entertainment channels
  • Risk identification study on media industry
  • Trend Analysis
  • Consumer Perception and Analysis