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Travel and Tourism industry is an emerging segment in the world. In spite of that it is confronted with large disparity in demand. This requires a high point responsiveness, better customer loyalty, and improved marketing spend. Travel and Tourism sector in India has transpired as one of the leading service industry generating a substantial amount of profits. In the past few decades the sector has perceived remarkable growth. To foster the growth of the sector, wellness tourism, adventure tourism, cruise tourism, medical tourism, etc. have been established. The progress in the sector has initiated fresh investments in spas, restaurants, airports, malls, hotels, resorts etc. 

Mavericks has carried out a wide range of market research projects for a variety of companies within the travel and tourism sector. Mavericks helps the customers enhance experience, offer global presence, and improve cost. 

With our agents placed across various locations Mavericks offers a wide range of services to Travel and tourism industry including sales, reservations, and customer care.