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The Indian Telecom sector is one of the fastest emerging sectors in the world and India is outlined to become the second largest telecom market globally. The advancement in the standard of living and the progress of infrastructure and connectivity are some of the main reasons for the significant growth of the telecom industry. Currently, there are around 200 million telephone lines in India which make it the third largest phone network in the world after China and the US. Today, the Telecom market in India enjoys a growth rate of around 45% which is the highest in the whole world. The growth in Indian telecom industry resulted in incalculable opportunities for new intakes and at the same time created industry challenges for the existing players.
With the help of our market research studies & information repositories, our telecom clients have successfully managed to face the challenging environment created by intense industry competition. Our market reports, industry analysis, recent developments, including market functioning, and future forecasts, offer integrated qualitative and quantitative solutions to clients to make major decisions and gain a competitive edge.
Mavericks provides information on international telecommunications services, products, and contracts. With vast knowledge and experience in the telecommunication sector, Mavericks has conducted market assessment and marketing strategy studies in the following areas:

  • Assessment of Indian telecom market
  • Study on market segmentation for fixed or wireless phones
  • Advertisement effectiveness studies

Our team of technical experts can handle the most marketing problems and research assignments. The reports provide essential information on the wireless industry.
Our proficient research analysts thoroughly study and give information regarding the various technologies in the telecom and wireless industry and current market trends. We make reports that offer comprehensive analytical and statistical details on the wireless market, wireless networks, wireless security market, wireless industry standards, and wireless communication industry. Our market reports, encompassing market performance, industry analysis, recent developments and future forecasts, provide integrated and objective solutions to clients to make major decisions and gain a competitive edge.