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Business to Consumer (B2C)

It is about involving or describing business plans or skills between the consumers of different age, gender, and locality. All of our B2C market research surveys exploit accurate, reliable and bias-free practices. These user-friendly surveys are an efficient way to measure and assess:

  • Competition– Awareness of your brand v/s your competitors
  • Demographics– Statistics such as age, income, gender, education
  • Trends– The direction of the industry or market
  • Segmentation– Special subgroups that could shape the marketplace

Mavericks is one of the nation’s premiermarket research companies in conducting the following activities:

  • Assembling market's ability about ideas and trends
  • Gauging an interest in new products and service offerings
  • Creating a targeted list of capable new customers

Our broad network of market research experts maximizes precision within studies and raise interaction with target audiences. Our skills include high-tech analytics for quantitative studies and intuitive strategic analysis for qualitative research. Methodologies include focus groups, online surveys, quantitative analytics and intensive fieldwork. Our services support market opportunity studies, innovation, and go-to-market strategies.