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Education and Training

The competition in the education and training system has been raised throughout the levels including the kindergarten to higher education. The education sector globally is more challenging than it has ever been. The higher education sector is not the only area undergoing significant change. With an increase in the literacy rates in India, there has been a great need for capable and hardworking teachers and trainers. Mavericks provides a complete solution to clients striving for experienced and well qualified professionals who can afford their input in this field. 
We regularly conduct exhaustive education and training research varied from student satisfaction surveys and educationists’ satisfaction surveys, university brand awareness surveys and facility evaluation research studies.

Our Experience

Mavericks conducts market research studies that render complete answers to many questions and challenges facing those developing and delivering educational opportunities. With our in-depth understanding of educational and training markets, we can support any information needs covering market opportunity assessment, feasibility studies, branding, new product or service concept acceptance, satisfaction and improvement analysis or any specific requirement. Mavericks is the reliable source of market and customer insight and marketing support for suppliers and investor for the education industry.
Our services include:

  • Educational Service Marketing strategy
  • Implementation support for Educational Service Marketing strategy and plan
  • International Marketing of Educational Service
  • Educational Service Market Research in India and Global Market
  • Marketing Audit of Educational Service marketing strategy & plan
  • Branding of Educational Service
  • India Entry Strategy
  • Performance Management and Management Training

Our Education Industry expert team consists of highly experienced professionals and provide result oriented strategic marketing solutions to the clients.