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India is one among the best destinations for retail business across the world due to its huge middle class population. The Indian retail industry has seen phenomenal growth in the last decades cause of change in consumer behavior and their lifestyles. The retail market research is a tricky one as the retail industry experiences more fluctuations than any other marketplace. Changing economy and seasonal effects are the market forces that tend to motivate the success of the retail industry. Success lies in how anyone is able to stay ahead of the game. Mavericks' retail industry focused market research studies are designed to help clients understand the changing dynamics of retail industry in the domestic and global markets. Our research is centered on the process audits, mystery shopping, market trends, market performance and future prospects.

Our Experience

We have worked extensively for various categories of retailers: telecom stores, home appliance stores, departmental stores, single format stores, multi-format stores, pharmacy/ drug stores, consumer electronics stores, discount chains etc. Our experts make precise recommendations and develop successful concepts and marketing strategies for clients such as grocery retailers, department stores, apparel retailers, malls and chains of supermarkets.

Our Services includes:

  • Retail Marketing strategy
  • Study on retail industry in India
  • Clothing and footwear retail industry in India
  • Implementation support for Retail Marketing strategy and plan
  • Retail Market Research in India and Global Market
  • Marketing Audit of Retail Marketing strategy

Our team of retail research specialists has the industry experience to understand and help retailers build and sustain a winning business model and make their Indian operations highly successful and profitable.