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Online Research

Online market research is the method by which companies use the Internet to gather  real-time understanding about the conduct, preferences and unarticulated requirements of the customers. It  is relatively reliable, easy and inexpensive as compared to more traditional market research methods. The online market research tools include

Online Market Research Tools:

  • Keyword Search
  • Competitor Links
  • Audience Research
  • Product Research
  • Brand Analysis
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Scanner Research
  • Database Research
  • Post Sale or Consumer Satisfaction Research

At Mavericks we are able to use the power of feedback to increase sales, improve customer knowledge and initiate communications that are satisfactory to customer demands. We carefully evaluate and use the data to influence the market via consumers. 
We use a direct method, by which a survey is sent out to existing customers to determine satisfaction levels and gather feedback. Through online research we gather data on the sensitive subject matter and reach a wider variety of potential respondents. We also contact consumers and gather information from a specific demographic, such as an age group, or a specific geographic region.  Using online market research data is one way that Mavericks adapts for existing products to meet the needs of consumers. The data are carefully evaluated and used to influence the market via consumers.
We have realized the importance of online research fieldwork in the Asian research markets. One of the biggest plus point is that we have multi-national/lingual specialists who are fully capable of conducting online research fieldwork in this region.

Our Strengths

  • Skilled Employees who fully understand the market nuances
  • Complete solution with- CATI

How Mavericks can help you?

  • Mavericks is and has always been positioned as the Global Online Market Research specialist
  • Technology which is multi-lingual, sensitive to language, and scalable
  • Research team for ‘full service’ research design, feasibility and analytics
  • Close relationship and dedicated account management to end-clients in local markets

Mavericks assist online investors with researching and developing the best profitable plan with the information & standard they need. Mavericks helps the customer by providing information that allows them to make a wise and calculated business decision.
Our research experts conduct International market research to identify target market and market situation analysis that helps clients in developing entry strategy. We have a wide network of primary and secondary sources globally which enable us to conduct market research within any Global geographic location.