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We have faith that Face-to-Face interviewing offers a benefit over self-completion methods such as online surveys because inface-to-face interview respondents are more likely to give their complete attention when an interviewer is present. Our expert interviewer builds an understanding with the respondent without creating bias by leading the respondent or explaining the questions in his/her own words. Our expert interviewers are capable of interviewing in multiple languages.
At Mavericks we strive for the best, as we like to confirm the highest quality in our Face-to-Face data collection. We know that using the interviewers who are employees and not freelancers has the following advantages:

  • They work for Mavericks only, which facilitates training and compliance on company processes and policies.
  • They are more committed as there is job security, which helps promote loyalty to our organization.

The above factors contribute to the superior quality data Mavericks offers to the clients F to F interview research
We place great importance on confirming that the entire staff gets thorough training in all principles of research data collection and come equipped with the knowledge and confidence to guarantee that we meet client needs. We believe that the interviewer forms the most important link from respondent to the client.  Our interviewers are always prepared with as much background as possible, as we know a better understanding of how the data will be used once collected. The face to face interviewers know to conduct face to face interview surveys in a consistent and non-biased way. 

Our team of senior interviewers is made up of individuals experienced in dealing with respondents at all levels in both business and consumer markets.