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Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative research conceptualizes gathering detailed knowledge of human behavior and reasons stimulating those behaviors. It refers to the collection of non-numerical data and accepts the end result, but depends upon understanding why or how the event(s) occurred. Qualitative market research is commonly used for tentative purposes.

It is a type of scientific research. In general, a scientific research encompasses a research that:

  • Seeks an answer to a question
  • Scientifically uses a predefined set of methods to answer the question
  • Collects evidences
  • Produces findings that were not determined in advance
  • Gives findings that are applicable beyond the immediate boundaries of the study

Qualitative research shares these features. In addition, it seeks to comprehend a given research problem or topic from the outlook of the local population it involves. Qualitative research is in particular helpful in gathering specific information about the perceptions, values, behaviors and social contexts of a particular population.

What are some Qualitative Research Methods?
The most common qualitative methods, explained in detail in their respective modules, are In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). Each method is particularly suited for obtaining a specific type of data.

In-depth interviews (IDIs) are best for gathering data on individuals’ perspectives, experiences, and personal histories, particularly when sensitive topics are being surveyed. The key characteristics of in-depth interviews are the following:

  • Open-ended questions
  • Semi-structured questions

There are seven stages of conducting in-depth interviews: thematizing, designing, interviewing, transcribing, analyzing, verifying, and reporting.
Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) are effective in extracting data on the cultural standards of a population group and in generating broad overviews of issues of concern to the cultural groups or subgroups represented. The main goal is to understand customer behavior.
Mavericks works nationally and internationally with researchers in private and public sectors, and marketing organizations by conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups. We offer a wide range of services to meet customer’s project needs, whether they are novice or expert in qualitative research. Mavericks provides an initial consultation to assess and understand the project and customize services to meet those needs by using highly efficient techniques.

Our highly dedicated experts allow both exceptional coverage of major consumer markets, and in-depth insights into niche segments. We offer different prospects to obtain qualitative insights. Our researchers and moderators observe the research process personally by being physically present in the area where the research is being conducted. They also interact with the participants and give direction to the focus groups. We specialize in:

  • Unstructured, structured, or semi-structured interviews
  • In-depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • Open-ended Interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Participant Observations

Mavericks is one of the few market research companies that offer clients in-house qualitative as well as quantitative research at global scale. Our qualitative research specialists discover the underlying ideas, issues, and values driving consumer attitudes and behaviors.
Main advantages of Qualitative Research at Mavericks:

  • A team of highly qualified moderators with extensive backgrounds in linguistics and client-side marketing
  • Extensive experience in all sectors, including B2B and B2C
  • Measure marketing effectiveness
  • A range of projective techniques, to help consumers move beyond the rational and express deeply held thoughts and feelings
  • Ongoing development of new qualitative techniques
  • Our panels are not only the most widespread geographically, they are also the most varied and flexible
  • Our panels are research-only, wholly owned and built in a consistent manner to ensure that they are reliable, balanced and responsive
  • Manage crisis pro-actively
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Get market insights in the most cost effective manner

At Mavericks, we have established a worldwide community of consumers and business decision makers who have agreed to participate in surveys for market research purposes only.
As a professional firm in the market, we take pride in the knowledge and experience we have assimilated over the years and the continued investment we continue to make in our growth.