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Dipstick Surveys or Ethnographic Market Research

Dipstick Survey is a mean for analyzing the market response in different areas of study or research. We conduct tentativeDipstick Surveys to evaluate consumer’s attitude, beliefs, perceptions and views towards a product, service, concept or an idea. It comprises of open-ended questions where the consumers are free to speak up their mind. We believe that dipstick surveys suggest an advantage over self-accomplished ways such as postal and online surveys because respondents are more likely to give their total attention when an interviewer is present. Our expert interviewer builds a rapport with the respondent without introducing any kind of unfairness and explaining the question in his/her own words. To assist the assessment of the results of the survey, the session is usually audio or video taped. The taping provides an extremely useful mean of collecting and analyzing data. Transcripts can be made of the tapes and the responses of respondents can be interpreted and categorized.

We understand the importance of quality in personal as well as work life. We try hard for the best and guarantee highest quality in our data collection. Mavericks conducts dipstick surveys to derive instant and cost effective insights into the markets. Mavericks is increasingly using dipstick surveys for data collection to derive insights from the consumers to gain market and mind share.

Quality has always been at the heart of the company’s performance. At Mavericks, we treat Quality as a way of life. We maintain our quality standards for all industries, leaving no room for errors. Our qualified Quality Control team provides quality checks regularly and thoroughly so that the consumer gets the best results from us every single time.

Ethnographic Market Research

Ethnography is the study of behaviors, social interactions, and perceptions based  on information collected through fieldwork. Ethnography literally means a portrait of a person. The central aim of ethnographic research is to offer a holistic insight into people’s actions, views, the nature of the location, through the collection of detailed observations and interviews. At Mavericks our researchers are trained in the art of ethnography and they often work in multidisciplinary teams. The ethnographic research includes three kinds of data collection :

  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Documents

Our Expert ethnographers also gather formal in-depth interview information and generate tentative theoretical explanations of their empirical work. Ethnographic market research is a window into the world of people who interact with the product or the services.