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Desktop Research

It is essential to carry out market research amongst the customers to identify their needs and likings. Mavericks believes that quality is the most important element for building customer assurance in a competitive atmosphere. We strive to make our clients contended by our services because we know that is the best way to do business. Our guidance for quality encourages confidence and operation that offers the endurance to persistently endeavor toward business excellence.
An asset of information exists in the public sphere. It is a profitable way of placing the basis for any full fledged market research project. Desktop Research/ Secondary Research helps in understanding the current situation within the market. Mavericks provides its customers the secondary research/ desktop research and inexpensive intelligence needs. Our mission is to offer high quality and cost efficient services. With this purpose in place, it continues to grow as a global market leader offering qualitative and quantitative market research services.
Complimenting the primary research techniques like Group Discussions, Surveys and Depth Interviews etc. Desktop Research/ Secondary research can be used for the following research areas;

  • Understanding the competitors
  • Understanding market size
  • Understanding customers and their preferences