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Economic Analysis

Mavericks Economic/Country Analysis reports provide analysis of country’s economic environment. We examine the country’s PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) in-depth analysis and provide the outlook of the country. We provide coverage for more than 190 countries. Our Economic analysis team gathers the data from across the global sites and performs careful analysis as per the business standards to provide accurate economic overview. Our reports can be useful into: Business Consulting Business Strategic Decisions To Identify Business Opportunities in the Particular Country To perform International Market Research To Identify Business Risk in the Country A typical country profile includes: • Executive Summary • Economic Forecast Economic Forecast includes three to five years forecast of Political, Economic, and social data. • Data and Charts—A Graphical presentation of annual, quarterly, and monthly statistical data. • Country Profile —Country’s basic data, political data, officials data, and key political parties.